1. The conference will be hosted on the Whova virtual conference platform.  It will contain the program, with links to papers, links to presentations and also to links to live Q&A sessions.
  2. The program is in the process of being compiled and will be announced soon
  3. It will be a three day conference with a program that looks like it usually does with parallel sessions etc.
  4. The main difference compared to previous Fusion conferences is that the presentations will take the form of pre-recorded videos. Instructions on how to create and upload the videos will follow in the next week or so.
  5. Authors are expected to record 12 minute video presentation (which includes a 2 minute introduction and 10 minutes for technical content).
  6. Each session will have two shorter live Q&A sessions, on time slots that accommodate Asia+Europe/Africa and Europe/Africa+America, respectively, i.e.

Eastern Session: 6 AM UTC, 4PM Sydney, 8AM Pretoria, for attendees from Australasia, Asia and Africa

Western Session: 17:00 UTC, 6PM London, 7PM Pretoria, 10AM Los Angeles, 1PM New York, for attendees from Africa, Europe and the Americas

  1. The Q&A sessions will be 60 minutes in duration and resemble panel sessions, where each author first presents a one minute pitch/summary from a single slide, and the session chairman moderates the discussions and questions.
  2. Paper presentations will be released the day before the session is scheduled, so people in all time zones get a chance to watch it before the Q&A session.
  3. Presenters or at least one of the authors have to be present in both Q&A sessions (one could be at a very inconvenient time), to present your pitch, answer questions and take part in the discussions.
  4. If you get the role as a chairman for a session, you are supposed to take a more active role than usual, not only to introduce the speakers and keep the time, but also to moderate discussions and be prepared to take the lead in the questions and discussions.

We look forward to your attendance of and contributions to the 23rd International Conference on Information Fusion.