2 April 2020

Dear ISIF Members:

Fusion2020 Conference to be Conveyed in Virtual Format Only

I would like to thank you all for the strong support in these difficult times. We are fortunate to have such a vibrant community and be able to move on with our activities while facing high levels of uncertainty. This message is intended to reduce those levels.

Less than two weeks ago I announced the ISIF Board of Directors’ decision of moving ahead with the Fusion 2020 conference independently of the format, with publication of conference proceedings, and having its papers published in IEEE Xplore. Today, with the results of a number of separate discussions on the various options and witnessing the strong participation of our community, ISIF and the Fusion 2020 organization jointly opted for conveying the conference in virtual format only, while keeping all of its technical program intact. As such, the on-site component of the Fusion 2020 conference at Sun City is cancelled. All reasonable steps should be taken to cancel any travel and accommodation arrangements that have already been made.

In other words, we will proceed with the web-based conference arrangements for the tutorials, special sessions, and regular sessions; while also working to set up the appropriate cloud-based infrastructure to support our presenters and attendees.

 The Fusion 2020 organization is working tirelessly to ensure we experience the same level of technical quality and coordination our community became used to have in face-to-face events, while leveraging the advantages of a virtual conference environment. This intensive work involves a rather complex logistical effort that will continue as we are getting ready for our July (virtual) gathering. As a result, important details are being and will continue to be posted at the Fusion 2020 conference page (http://fusion2020.org).

 As an example, at the time of this writing, a reduced registration fee structure is being finalized and should be posted within the next few days (it might be there already as you read this letter). Other details will follow suit, so please make sure you keep yourself up to date with the website.

Together we will go through this, beat the threat, and emerge stronger!

Warm regards,
Paulo Costa
ISIF President

Announcement – Impact of COVID-19

In some countries, institutions and authorities are implementing measures that tend to create uncertainty around the arrangements for Fusion 2020. The Fusion 2020 conference committee is closely monitoring the situation on the COVID-19 outbreak through official global and local channels.   Given the fluidity of the situation, the conference committee is planning for a number of contingencies, should the need for them arise. We will continue to update the Fusion 2020 website on the enactment of these plans, as the COVID-19 situation becomes more certain over the next two months.

We remain optimistic about the continuation of the conference and continue to plan as such. We extended the submission deadline and look forward to your submissions over the next two weeks.